Canada Urgently Needs a Reset of National Priorities

Canada was in a slow-moving crisis of underperformance and dysfunction before the pandemic health crisis and consequent economic collapse. It is imperative that Canadians see this clearly. Only then will we have a better chance to reset our priorities and place our country on a different trajectory.

State of the Nation: Canada’s 2019 Outlook

With trade wars, polarized politics, and big business shakeups across the world over the past year, many observers would opine that the political and economic state of many nations is in flux.

From the Archives: Corporate Sleep Walking

The following remarks were presented by Mac Van Wielingen at the ICD Fellowship Awards Gala on June 2, 2016. Exploring how perceptual and congnitive biases impact our decision making and interactions, the ideas presented in this speech remain extremely relevant and continue to influence the ongoing work of Viewpoint Research.

Mac Van Wielingen Explores Drivers of Performance

Early in December 2017, Mac Van Wielingen addressed a small group of senior business leaders in Calgary. His talk titled, Advanced Governance: Strategy and the Imperative of Performance, explored the performance challenge facing most companies

Fraser Institute’s Annual Founders’ Award Dinner

On Thursday, October 12th, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary is hosting the Fraser Institute’s annual Founders’ Award tribute dinner. This award is the institute’s highest honour, and is presented to Canadian leaders in recognition of their exceptional entrepreneurial and philanthropic achievements.