Why the Leadership Industry is Broken

The leadership industry is an ever-growing, multi-billion dollar industry – there is no shortage of books, podcasts, workshops/programs or conferences dedicated to training and improving leadership skills and abilities.

What Can Organizations Do to Thrive Through Crises?

Although we tend to think of this pandemic as an unprecedented time, the world has seen its fair share of hard times before. When we encounter these momentous challenges, an inflection point follows, and changes the world as we know it.

Why leadership development programs need a re-think

Let’s be clear – the development of leaders and change in organizations is not easy work. Development is often non-linear, doesn’t always produce clearly visible results, and often unfolds over a substantial period of time (as opposed to in single moments).

We The North: How Emotions Can Impact Team Performance

It’s the day after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, and it still feels like a dream for some Canadians. After a grueling 24 games in 61 days, the Raptors ended their historic playoff run with a 114-110 victory.

Unethical Decisions: When Ordinary People Cross The Line

With so many ethical scandals breaking out in recent years (e.g., Deutsche Bank and money laundering, Volkswagen and the manipulation of diesel emissions testing, Wells Fargo and unethical sales tactics), it leads one to question: What is running through the minds of the people participating in the unethical acts?