Like buying over-the-counter medicine, off-the-shelf surveys can help with general symptoms. However, to diagnose and treat an illness most effectively, a customized test and treatment plan is required. In the OHEP, we start with our core fundamentals and then tailor the components and our analyses to fit your company's unique culture and challenges, providing you with an accurate and customized diagnosis.  

Influenced by the intellect and experience of veteran energy executive, Mac Van Wielingen, the OHEP was developed in 2015 as an evidence-based assessment organized around all the factors that are linked to workplace performance.

The OHEP is rooted in the experience and expertise of senior leaders, and hundreds of peer-reviewed academic studies. It is designed to evaluate progress on 10 core fundamentals that have clear, empirical links to performance. We have since collected over 100,000 data points, and have an internal Index of which all clients are benchmarked against.

In addition to the 10 core fundamentals, you can also opt to measure for additional factors, depending on your company's unique values and needs (i.e. conflict management, safety, etc.). 

Integrated Framework of Advanced Leadership Fundamentals

The above framework was founded on the principle that performance isn't defined by one variable (typically a financial one). Much like human health is made up of a number of factors, such as weight, BMI, mental health, cholesterol, etc., so is organizational performance. It is the comprehensive and integrated combination of vision, leadership, strategy, innovation, and commitment, among many others.

OHEP By The Numbers

Employee engagement among OHEP clients
Increase in client employee engagement
Lower turnover intentions for companies higher on OHEP

Employees in the top quartile on overall organizational health report being 23% happier with their work, and are 17% less likely to leave their organizations.

The Cost of Poor Organizational Health

We often are asked, how much does organizational health and effectiveness impact the bottom line? See how much your organization could be saving by focusing on critical health factors. 

Our Process

01. Needs analysis

As our first step, we conduct a needs analysis to uncover organizational pain points, strengths and unique areas of interest. We review an organization's history, principles, values, and other relevant information to determine a scope of work, including analyses. Along the way, we build trust and ensure we tailor our work to the expectations.

02. Groundwork

Groundwork consists of normal housekeeping items, but we also emphasize the importance of integrity of data, the trade-off between employee confidentiality and anonymity and data quality, and most of all, our unwavering principles. 

03. Collaboration on Methodology

We collaborate with you to develop a tailored process best suited for your team and organization. We also evaluate every fundamental being analyzed to ensure suitability.

04. Execution

In our scope of work, we are accountable to your timeline and needs, where possible shifting priorities to get you what your team needs. We provide regular status updates, and always deliver on time, as promised. 

05. Analysis

Our PhD trained research team follows rigorous protocol in analysis and provides clients with the highest quality of data and understandings. We engage in all sorts of statistical tests and methods, from structural equation modelling and thematic content analysis, to basic regression, hunting for themes, patterns, and trends in the data. The scope of analysis is typically outlined in the needs phase, but we're happy to tailor analysis within reason once the data is in to accommodate requests and satisfy curiosity. 

06. Debrief & Follow Up

A comprehensive and tailored report is provided, with the bulk of our expertise and insights highlighted within 3 - 6 major themes emerging from the quantitative and qualitative data. Debrief meetings are provided, where our team meets with executives, employees, and/or the board to provide objective results and our strategic overview. Possible follow-up engagement includes additional research, tailored interventions, custom reports, and educational sessions.


While we have developed and validated our own assessments, sometimes the nature of project or problem requires a customized solution. While off-the-shelf tools work for some people and organizations, we also believe in customization because research tells us that context matters, whether it’s in leadership roles, or hiring and selection. When working with organizations, we always first identify the problem and then mutually go from there, working to agree on the right methodology and path forward. Connect with us if you have a burning idea about research in your organization.

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