What Drives Organizations? Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Corporations

4 minute readIn 1943, Abraham Maslow published his theory on the hierarchy of needs. You have probably come across it at some point in your life. Maslow used the terms “physiological,” “safety,” “belonging and love,” “social needs,” and “self-actualization” to describe the linear ascension of human motivation. According to Maslow, human beings are motivated to…

Report: Alberta CEO Survey on Shutdown Impacts and Future Recovery

What does the road to recovery look like for Albertan businesses?In collaboration with the Business Council of Alberta, we surveyed 61 CEOs to find out the impacts of COVID-19 on business, and what barriers and challenges lie ahead. Here’s A Few highlights1 in 4companies are unsure if they will make it through the pandemic until a…

What Surprising Factor is Behind Canada’s Economic Growth?

Family enterprises play a crucial role in the Canadian economy. A recently published report suggests that family enterprises are the most powerful driver of economic growth in Canada, generating $574.6 billion – which is almost half of Canada’s private sector GDP – and almost seven million jobs in 2017.

Fraser Institute’s Annual Founders’ Award Dinner

On Thursday, October 12th, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary is hosting the Fraser Institute’s annual Founders’ Award tribute dinner. This award is the institute’s highest honour, and is presented to Canadian leaders in recognition of their exceptional entrepreneurial and philanthropic achievements.

Success: Ethical Failure in Leadership

The topic of success’s dark-side was recently brought up, and the more that it was explored, the more facets it seemed to have. Facets such as, in-fighting among top executives or family members in successful companies, the never ending battle to find the next big talent