Custom Research

Data is only as useful as the quality and skills of the person wielding it.
We aim to measure the things you can't count.

At some point in our history, we started to notice that management practices were in crisis – unaccredited consultants were coming into organizations recommending training solutions and practices that weren’t grounded in science, and worse, they didn’t work. 

In the past, if at all, organizations have relied on employee data that isn't necessarily evaluated in a systematic way. The issue isn't that the data isn't good quality; it's that there's a certain rigor behind the assessments and analysis missing. We can generate sophisticated quantitative and qualitative behavioural data on what people think, what people do, and how changes in behaviour can improve financial performance. Data analytics and advanced psychological understandings are fundamentally changing the nature of how organizations operateThis reliable, insightful data then creates a standardized baseline to track future progress, and evaluate the effects of various fundamentals on performance.

Organizations that blend data, talent, and decision making together, will experience a significant competitive advantage, and increase their probability of success.


Science tells us that change is not that complex. It's humans and their behavioural tendencies that complicate things. Ask any person who has successfully completed a marathon; in order to be successful in your goal, you need a detailed plan to get you there, and some form of accountability (spoiler: organizations usually fall short on the latter). We believe that any kind of change or meaningful transformation involves three key components:



Quality insights and data



Meaningful objectives



Clear and direct methods for establishing progress

We specialize in the first component - designing and administering assessments that work. From custom and carefully designed research projects, to leveraging our flagship assessments, understanding an organization's needs is our first priority. We combine high-quality data, academic science, and our expertise to craft solutions that will actually give you the information you want; information critical to performance. 


Imagine having a team of PhD trained business psychologists and strategic researchers fixated with your company's biggest challenge. That's us. We obsess over a problem, and absorb the insights, trends and patterns that emerge from the data, because we know, that when organizations have better data, they make better decisions.

Needs-Based Approach

As applied researchers, we don't believe in research for research's sake. In other words, for us, research is never an end in and of itself. Our research is always needs-driven. Through in-depth consultations, we aim to understand the things driving your business, and the things that keep you up at night, in order to determine what testing, data, and analyses you will need to reinvigorate your performance.

Rooted in Science & Practice

As a Founder of ARC Financial, Canada's largest energy-focused private equity firm, Mac Van Wielingen has seen success and failure, and he has brought all these career-long insights into the foundation of all our work. Our research and thought leadership is informed by evidence-based research and decades of practical experience building sustainable, long-term businesses. 

Comprehensive, Data-Driven Analysis

No two organizations are the same, and as such, we fine-tune our methodology for every client, meaning we don't rely on automated systems to guide the process. Viewpoint researchers follow a rigorous protocol and comprehensive approach in analysis, carefully reviewing all data forms, and interpreting results alongside industry benchmarks. Our integrated key theme summary goes above and beyond most assessments, identifying strengths and potential problem areas.

Powerful Analytics & Outcome-Focus

Powerful transformation and insights begin to occur when organizations engage in regular assessment use. Tracking key metrics over time provides advanced understanding around objective progress tied to critical outcomes, employee trends, macro-factors, and ultimately, the impact on organizational  performance. 

We believe in probability – our solutions are about making success a little bit less about luck.

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