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An Exciting Announcement 

October 2, 2020

Today, we want to share some exciting news with you.  

Starting in October of 2016, and now proudly just shy of our 200th issue, we’ve been delivering Sagacious to your inboxes every Friday for the past four years. Sagacious was born out of a simple idea: How can we share with our business community the best research and work our team is reading and accessing every day?  From this, Sagacious has grown organically, allowing us to share our unique research and curated pieces in one place to keep those that mean the most to us well informed, and hopefully, operating as better leaders in your communities and organizations.

As a free newsletter with strictly organic, word-of-mouth growth, Sagacious has required a lot of manual work from an entire team, and as such, we have always been supported by Viewpoint Foundation, whose key goal is to educate the public about ethical leadership and advanced practices in business.

For those of you who have been with us since day one: thank you for being on this journey with us, and for your unwavering curiosity. We have been through many iterations in format, content, and contributors; from highlighting current events, to now crafting our own, original interdisciplinary insights.

Over this same time frame, our research team has also experienced a lot of growth. One important change has been the expansion of our consulting practice in organizational strategy and leadership development. Another significant change has been the shift in Viewpoint Group founder, Mac Van Wielingen’s focus towards thought leadership in the areas of economics, finance, and policy, where Canadian energy advocacy has been a major component over the last two years. These changes have ultimately set in motion a transition in our Viewpoint Research team.

It should come as no surprise to our regular readers and loyal subscribers that we’ve always been very engaged in disseminating and applying the science of leadership. We’ve written about the types of leadership and the truth about personality assessments, and most recently explored topics such as “why leadership programs need a rethink,” and “why the industry is broken.” It is because of this passion that two of us VR employees are venturing out and launching a tech startup focused on disrupting the leadership development space (myself, Kelsey Hahn, former Managing Director of Viewpoint Research, and Amanda Julian, former Manager, Research & Solutions). Our new venture, Monark, builds off of the last 7 years of experience we have watching and working with companies who are challenged in leadership planning and development (and spending too much money in the process).

There’s a lot of good reasons as to why we’re doing this (COVID-19 and the push of digital learning, and becoming part of the vibrant tech sector emerging in Alberta), but the most prominent is that we are passionate about building a better, more accessible, and cost-effective customized product for all kinds of leaders and organizations; something that has an evidence-based foundation, and is able to nudge leaders in real change and growth, going beyond traditional episodic solutions.  

Monark will continue to have a close strategic relationship with Viewpoint, and for those of you interested in staying in touch with our progress, growth, and occasionally receiving leadership insights, please connect with us here (no spam - we promise).

So, what does this mean for Sagacious? 

While it has been our pleasure in delivering you the most interesting business and leadership insights on the web, Sagacious’ content and delivery is changing. Viewpoint Investment Partners, with the help of long-time VR researcher and Sagacious Editor, Stephanie Law, will be taking over the compilation and writing of Sagacious, which will now be hitting your inboxes biweekly. You will see a shift in content from leadership, organizational behaviour, and strategy, to primarily economic, policy, ESG, and investment-related insights. We’ve covered these topics in past issues, from Canadian debt and economic underperformance, and exploring volatility, to the importance of diversification in portfolios. 

What won’t be changing? Sagacious will continue to be a reliable source of information for curious and engaged leaders; it will remain a creative outlet for our team; and will continue to feature the highest quality of research and insights, free, to those who want it. Stay tuned for this next issue, coming October 16th.

We have met amazing people, built great relationships, been inspired by our readers, and it goes without saying, learned a lot along the way. To all of our readers, we are deeply grateful for your continued interest and passion to learn, and hope you will continue to follow us in these next phases. Please reach out with any questions and feedback simply by replying to this email.
Yours in curiosity,

Stephanie Law, Former Senior Researcher & Sagacious Editor, Viewpoint Research

Kelsey Hahn, Former Managing Director, Viewpoint Research | CEO & Co-Founder, Monark

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