Mac Van Wielingen


"The truth is that there is no short-cut to leadership excellence in the boardroom or to building a sustainable, long-term organization. There is no silver bullet or punchy one-line answer. The realities of business are complex, and advanced corporate governance involves a comprehensive and continuous search for understanding."

Mac is a veteran energy executive, private equity investor, corporate director, and philanthropist. His unconventional corporate idealism has been developed through extensive experience in building businesses and by his knowledge as a self-described “student of business.” As the Founder and President of Viewpoint Group, his role is to oversee the entire team, and offer support, guidance and thought leadership. He embodies the values that Viewpoint was built on, and his vision continues to underpin and guide the team. Within the office, Mac spends his time primarily in two areas: Viewpoint Investment Partners and ​Viewpoint Research.