Why choose the OHEP?

Why not conduct an in-house survey crafted by organizational leaders?

Why once per year vs. pulse?

What are the benefits of benchmarking to our external OHEP Index?

Is it important to consider the time of year when deciding when to administer the OHEP?

Why 10 core fundamentals? Why did you stop there?

How does administering a survey lead to better organizational health?

What is the Advanced Leadership Framework and why is it important?

How does Viewpoint ensure that our data remains secure? How is the information stored?

Should employee participation ever be incentivized?

Are there ways to increase survey response rate in an organization without making participation mandatory?

How long does the administration process take from start to finish? How soon can implementation happen?

Why are responses kept anonymous? Why is anonymity important?

How do I know that the OHEP is grounded in current research?