Why empathy is not sympathy: The heart of leadership in crisis

By now, most of us have probably established some sort of routine, as we are approaching five weeks in isolation. In the best of scenarios, routine and structure are providing a buffer against the psychological toll being taken. However, for some it’s not enough.

There is no playbook: Leading through COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic develops, we are entering truly uncharted waters, with no foreseeable plans to dock. Everyone’s lives and routines have been disrupted, with businesses scrambling to move employees to work remotely, and others having to lay off loyal employees, or worse, close their doors.

Why leadership development programs need a re-think

Let’s be clear – the development of leaders and change in organizations is not easy work. Development is often non-linear, doesn’t always produce clearly visible results, and often unfolds over a substantial period of time (as opposed to in single moments).

Is Strategy Only As Good As Its Execution?

“Good idea, bad execution” is a saying all of us have heard on more than one occasion, but recently, we’ve been curious about understanding and defining what moves great ideas into great companies, or project, or achievements – i.e. what defines successful execution.

Exploring The Red Flags of Cult-Like Cultures

Have you ever talked to a friend who raved about their company’s culture? You know the one… the friend who glorifies their company’s relentless, health-focused culture, with a bike-to-work program and the fridge that is continuously stacked with all sorts of chia-seed everything. How about the opposite?

Challenges That Working Mothers Face

Imagine this. After working a full, 9 – 10 hour day, skipping your lunch break to catch up on personal emails and arranging an annual furnace inspection, you were going to have to rush to get immediately to your second job? In your hurry, you get a speeding ticket and realize your car is running dangerously low on gas.