Figure out where your people are at, even when you aren't physically together.

At the very start of the pandemic, we got to work for our clients and community, adjusting our content, and sharing the research around how organizations and leaders best adapt and thrive during periods of crisis and uncertainty. It's not easy to change and elevate your practices in the best of times, let alone working remotely, but for many, your organization's survival depends on it.

Start with figuring out what's going on.

To fully understand how your organization is faring through the COVID-19 Pandemic, and to best inform your future actions and decisions, ask your most valuable resource - your people.

We are offering the COVID-19 Pulse Survey at a deeply discounted rate to organizations looking to capture a snapshot in a selection of organizational aspects critical to performance: communication, leadership, and general employee support. Our 16-item survey is administered online, and results are compiled and provided in a comprehensive data package, all in a turnaround time that suits your needs.

In moments of uncertainty and crisis, people need more from their leadership. 

Take the “pulse” of your organization, and get the insights you need to adapt and accelerate performance.

What We Measure

Understandably, many organizations are struggling to navigate all of the recent ambiguity, uncertainty, and change spurred by COVID-19. Leaders have reached out to us with questions about how they can ensure their organizations, can not only survive but also thrive, during this time. In response, we've offered advanced insights and leadership resources, but also wanted to build an evidence-based assessment that would help leaders garner the pulse of their organization on three key metrics critical to leading through uncertainty:



Employee Support & Resources

The current landscape of work has rendered communication to be more challenging, yet more important than ever before (in frequency and content); has emphasized and even magnified the role of leadership; and has presented some unique circumstances for employees now attempting to balance their work lives from their homes. We can also assess safety in organizations with employees still working onsite.


Why do you need a
pulse survey from us?

  • Reduce the impact of disruption: Times of uncertainty cause unexpected breakdowns and challenges (potentially in areas that once thrived).
  • Evidence-based tool: We've researched the components critical to successful management and operations amidst crisis. This translates into our ability to ask the right questions.
  • Assess morale and understand needs:  Acknowledge that your employee's health and well-being is paramount, and figure out if they have what they need to do their jobs.
  • Convert feedback into action: Surface hidden issues and challenges buried in your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pulse survey?

A pulse survey refers to a short survey intended only to capture a quick snapshot of performance in select areas, typically administered over a shorter time frame and with less items. It's not intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s performance, but rather designed to capture employees’ perspectives and experiences on a specific topic, or in this case, in regards to a specific situation/circumstance. Our survey takes into consideration the unique challenges presented to organizations by COVID-19, which for many, has significantly altered operations and potentially, operational effectiveness. Concepts and questions are based on available research and expertise, and highlight areas deemed critical to operating in this new context. 

How is the pulse survey different from your OHEP, or an annual survey?

The COVID-19 Pulse Survey has been created to address operating challenges specific to the global pandemic, and not general areas of organizational health. Further, the pulse survey is not a shortened version of our full OHEP, instead, it's a unique offering, tailored to the current macro uncertainty and the leadership and communication challenges facing organizations. The COVID-19 Pulse will not replace a comprehensive annual employee survey as it is not intended to capture a fundamental’s performance outside of the context of this specific situation. For example, in the pulse, leadership is assessed not on general performance, but instead, in relation to the specific needs of the situation and the elevated behaviour it requires from leaders. Subsequently, our pulse survey and associated items, reflect the nuances of “what organizations need in times of crisis."

How long is the survey?

The survey has 16 close-ended questions, with the opportunity for employees to provide written comments for each, and one open-ended question for additional comments or thoughts. It takes no more than 5 - 10 minutes to complete. 

How do you protect employee confidentiality?

The pulse survey is intended to be used as a developmental tool to help organizations improve operations through a crisis, and as such, it is imperative that employees feel safe giving honest answers. During administration, it is made clear to respondents that their participation is completely confidential and anonymous, and that answers will in no way affect their job safety. We know that the integrity of our survey and the quality of the results are dependent on successful anonymity, and as such, results are always presented with appropriate protections (minimum thresholds and aggregations), and we never release raw data files to clients.

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Customize Assessments

While we have developed and validated our own assessments, sometimes the nature of project or problem requires a customized solution. While off-the-shelf tools work for some people and organizations, we also believe in customization because research tells us that context matters, whether it’s in leadership roles, or hiring and selection. When working with organizations, we always first identify the problem and then mutually go from there, working to agree on the right methodology and path forward. Connect with us if you have a burning idea about research in your organization.

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