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Our Assessments

Organizational Health & Effectiveness Profile 

Leadership Vigiliance Profile 

Why Use Psychological Assessments?

Thanks to this 21st century data revolution, we now know more about the way that people work, and why they work, than ever before. However, most of this knowledge doesn't seem to trickle into the workplace. When it comes to managing and understanding people, many organizations still rely on intuition and succumb to fads, even when there is a whole field of science dedicated to knowledge advancement. 

People drive performance. At Viewpoint Research, we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to not only develop assessments, but to bring sophisticated understanding and context to your most complex asset: people. 

When developed, conducted and administered properly, assessments can provide organizations with an objective, unbiased view of "what's real."

With our two flagship products, the Organizational Health and Effectiveness Profile (OHEP), and the Leadership Vigilance Profile (LVP), we work with high-performing organizations and leaders to separate perception from reality.

What We Do Differently



We identify what assessments are appropriate depending on the organization's unique needs. 



We assess using evidence-based processes and assessments.



We determine the underlying drivers to understand what's really happening.



We create a customized comprehensive report to disseminate the findings.


Support and Follow-Up

We provide support and guidance throughout the process, and can assist in determining next steps.

Something we hear all the time....

"My office uses [insert name of trendy assessment], and its always been effective and a good use of time for our team."

The field of coaching and assessments is largely unregulated, with few barriers to entry, meaning many solutions (and people) make big claims about what they can do, but the methodology isn't psychometrically sound, i.e. interventions don't work, or the tests don't predict what you want them to predict. The tools we're often exposed to are unresponsive to current and developing work, expensive, and tend to use unconventional terminology in the absence of science. 

They're designed to make you think you've unlocked some sort of groundbreaking new insight about yourself, but more often than not, it's “Pseudo‐Profound Bull***t” – defined as any statement designed to inspire feelings of deep meaning and great significance, without any direct concern for meaning or truth – absent of clear science. It's not to say that many off-the-shelf, popular tools aren't "a good use of time" or effective on certain outcomes, but expectations need to be managed.

Assessments should be benchmarked against some sort of performance criterion.

  • Does your team conduct pre-and post-test surveys to measure behaviour changes in leaders?
  • Can you provide solid evidence that organizational performance is linked to the engagement survey you did?

If the answer is no, you might not be getting the value out of your investment and time.

Our Flagship Assessments

Organizational Health & Effectiveness Profile (OHEP)

When you're sick, you go to the doctor, who, if he/she is good at their job, will run a gamut of tests to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Consider us doctors in the workplace (technically, we are). We have distilled all our experiences and academic research into one comprehensive macro, organizational assessment that measures everything from vision to trust. 

Leadership Vigilance Profile (LVP)

Our LVP assessment grew out of our client's needs and is grounded in our core expertise, and complements the OHEP. The 360 assessment allows us to accurately identify and evaluate the competencies that drive high-performance leadership. The assessment involves a triangulation of feedback, and assesses everything from personality to entrepreneurial behaviours.

In Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Pulse Survey

There has been no bigger challenge today for businesses than the recent ambiguity and uncertainty spurred by COVID-19. How is your team and organization managing through this time? You can't know if you don't ask. That is why we created a short pulse survey so that you can ask the right questions at the right time. 

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